Hey, it’s not just boobs that can be fake. For various reasons, some celebrities decide to represent themselves under fake names. Whether it’s to establish a new, branded identity or because their original names were too difficult to pronounce, these celebrities aren’t exactly shaking what their momma gave them. And not every celebrity uses a wild and crazy stage name. Here are some of the celebs you didn’t know had fake names:

Iggy Azalea


As it turns out, Iggy Azalea chose her stage name like children would choose a “spy name” from the activity pages of their Highlights back issues- she took the name of a childhood dog and the street name she’d grown up on to come up with her famous moniker. Her real name? Amethyst Kelly, which wouldn’t be out of your place in a hip kindergarten classroom but perhaps a little out of place with her “street” persona factored in.