If there’s one futbol player who gets the short end too often it’s our man Wayne Rooney. But quite often, he’s the one at fault through his less than well-thought out behaviour, and perhaps he is burdened with the weight of expectations that he has never quite fulfilled, despite being a top-form player for much of his career. Off the pitch, Rooney has a colorful history that he probably won’t divulge to his children until they’re of age, or until they call up on Google and force him into an uncomfortable conversation. Here are some of the secrets he might reveal at that time.


He’s a Red Card Machine



Red cards are the ultimate evidence of how much a player can maintain his composure and keep emotions under control. Rooney is not a player who can do either with regularity, which is why he is tied with Becks as the most red-carded player for the England World Cup squad. Imagine that? If you’re going to show quality on the pitch, you sort of have to stay on the pitch, innit? Rooney was booted in a pivotal 2006 match versus Portugal, and left his teammates to forge on with 10 players. Rooney has always played with a bit of fire and fury, but that has also backfired on him in the form of bookings and send-offs.

The red card Rooney earned in the 2006 match was during a quarterfinal. England could have advanced to its first semifinal game in the World Cup for the first time in years, but Rooney bolloxed it all up, and the squad lost the match. Rooney is still living down that performance, as England have never reached that stage in the World Cup since.