It’s hard to know when we’re all going to die. In fact, we barely know how long we’re going to live in the first place. Despite this, some people seem to have an eerily accurate idea of when they’ll go and as it turned out, plenty of stars pinpointed when they were going to die before we had any idea. Check out these celebrities who predicted their own deaths.

David Bowie

When David Bowie turned 69 and released his album “Black Star” we had absolutely no idea that just a couple of days later, he would pass away. It’s still unbelievable even weeks later. As it turned out, David Bowie timed the release of the album perfectly. Dealing with an aggressive form of cancer, he knew that he didn’t have much longer to live. If you listen to his song “Lazarus” now, it’s clear that it was meant as a goodbye letter to his fans with lines like “Look out here, I’m in heaven.” He knew that when most of his fans bought the album, he’d be gone.