Perhaps even more so than in the U.S., the British are known to relish scandal and their tabloids dominate the newsstands with massive headlines, salacious implications and pictures of half naked women. But as commonplace as scandal is in the UK ,there are some stories that go beyond the pale and are actually shocking enough to stir the populace. So think of this list as the Hall of Fame of British celebrity scandals.

1. Jimmy Savile’s Serial Rapes


Jimmy Savile was one of the most popular UK presenters of all time, and was known to millions of fans as the host of “Top of the Pops” for many years. Savile amassed fame and fortune with his winning personality, charm and the ease with which he was able to dispense of his duties. But under the pleasant front, lurked a serial rapist. Before Savile died in October 2011, hundreds of men and women came forward with accusations that Savile had molested them over a period of years. As Scotland Yard took up the case, it became clear that Savile had preyed on young men and women for more than a half century and that all told, he may have molested and raped as many as 400 people. Savile’s list of charges were in the hundreds, and he is accused of raping at least 34 people.