British TV has had a long and rich history of delivering quality material, even if American audiences only recently began to sample the offerings via such platforms as Netflix and Hulu. And as with all forms of creative expressions, some UK shows have generated tons of noise for their content. Here’s a list of some of the most controversial and shocking shows that have aired in the UK.

1. Brass Eye


“Brass Eye” was a 2001 Channel 4 series hosted by Chris Morris that was a satirical take on real life stories that were making the news in the UK at the time. It focused on skewering how the media covered such topics as drugs and pedophiles. The show was controversial because it satirized all sacred cows, very similar to what “The Daily Show” did for so many years with John Stewart. Celebrities who appeared on the show included Phil Collins, Simon Pegg, Gary Lineker and Britt Ekland