Celebrities look best when they are made up and on the red carpet or attending some big awards show, but there are times when they look absolutely dreadful because they hadn’t planned on being photographed. These moments usually occur when stars are out jogging or running an errand, but they also occur when celebrities are arrested and a mugshot is taken, which is the subject of this particular article. So sit back, grab some popcorn and try not to scream when you see some of the scariest celebrity mug shots in recent memory.

1. Gary Coleman


The sweet-faced boy from “Different Strokes” looks like he’s about to jump out of this mugshot, grab you by the throat and end your life. Seriously, doesn’t Coleman look like a monster that’s eyeing its prey with some really bad intentions? This isn’t a mugshot, it’s the prelude to a violent act that doesn’t bode well for whoever is on the other end of this photo.