The UK broad sheets love a good scandal, and who doesn’t, but lately it seems the only kind of scandal that crops up is of the most unsavory kind, pedophilia. Crimes against children are even looked down upon by hardened criminals, and a pedophile is among the lowest of all prisoners. So it’s startling to discover the number of pedophilia scandals in the recent past, including one that has ties directly to the Royal Family.

The Savile Scandal


Jimmy Savile was one of the most popular TV show presenters in UK history, amassing fame, fortune and then notoriety later in his life. He counted Prince Charles as one of his closest friends, and with his charming manner and outrageous clothing, he seemed to be the kindly and strange grandfather every kid wanted. But shortly before he died, Savile became a reviled figure as more than 400 men and women came forward with stories of how Savile had molested or raped them going back as far back as 50 years. All told, Savile was brought up on more than 200 criminal charges, many of them for having unlawful relations with underage girls and boys. Unfortunately for the victims, Savile died in 2011 before he could properly answer to these crimes, but police continue to find a treasure trove of evidence that confirms Savile was part of a massive pedophile ring.