As music festivals go, Glastonbury’s one of the biggest, and as such, you’re going to experience some highs and quite a few lows over the course of the event. For those of you who have never made the pilgrimage to Somerset, some 40 kilometres south of Bristol, you’re missing a once-in-a-lifetime outing akin to what it must have felt like at the first Woodstock. For five days in the summer, music achieves a kind of spiritual poetry that can’t be duplicated, even amidst the stench, mess and discomfort of a live event that takes place on what amounts to a big farm. Here are some lowlights from this past June’s fest, Glastonbury’s worst moments of 2015.


Kanye West


Opinions were immediately split when Yeezus himself was chosen to headline one of the nights on the Pyramid stage. The Glastonbury regulars weren’t in the mood for any of West’s typical bollocks, and their arms were figuratively crossed, waiting to see what version of the outspoken rapper they would get on that night. They got pretty much what you’d expect, a set that Kanye fans would consider average at best, and a set that most Glastonbury fans who aren’t Kanye fans and wondered why he would be chosen to headline, hated. Words such as ‘a mugging,’ ‘tripe’ and ‘snookered’ were used liberally to describe the set. At multiple times during the show, Kanye’s backing tracks fell out, leaving him stranded, fuming and having to restart a song. The audience would boo on these occasions, and to top it off Kanye decided to swoop over the crowd in a crane and declare that they were watching the greatest living rock star in the world. Awful.

Kanye is often his own worst enemy. He’s clearly a man with talent, but his propensity for self-promotion and self-congratulation makes him extremely difficult to like. He pushes audiences away with his inflated ego and his victimization, and worse yet, he’s married to a Kardashian.