For the past few years, that bleeding boy band that everyone seems to fulminate over, has been strangling the airwaves and concert halls with their peculiar brand of can’t-get-that-bloody-song-out-of-me-head pop and fake innocence that Stateside bands such as Backstreet Boys and ‘NSync used to sell like cheap cologne. But a funny thing happened on the way to music immortality: the boys became men, and as you likely know, men do naughty things. Here’s a sample of some of the less than squeaky clean incidents that have put the band’s future in serious jeopardy.


‘Larry Stylinson’


Rumors began a couple of years back that Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles were having a go with each other behind closed doors. Fans jumping on this rumor, came up with the clever moniker ‘Larry Stylinson’ to indicate the hot and heavy romance that allegedly was taking place between the two hotties. Of course, both young men denied any hanky panky, and tried to put the damper on the story. Part of the nonsense came about ‘cuz Tomlinson and Styles are often seen in pics huddling close together and seem quite close, perhaps closer than two old mates should be if they aren’t playing for the other team. Not sure it would dent their sales much as young girls seem much more tolerant of gay young men than their mum and dads are, but image is everything in the pop world.

1D fans are a bit territorial though, so perhaps if a romance was brewing between these two, the lasses might feel that twinge of jealousy that neither apple-cheeked boy is available, notwithstanding how bloody unlikely it is that any fan would ever have a shot with a 1D member.