Prince William and his wife Duchess Kate Middleton seem like the poster couple of England, the twosome always doing the right thing and abiding by their nation’s rules. Smiling and posing for pictures for the paparazzi, William and Kate portray a squeaky clean image. Already the parents of two children, Prince George and baby Charlotte, who may be the future heirs of England, William and Kate are living up to their royal family duties. Yet, every couple has a secret side, doing things that that would shock the public if they found out. Here are 8 shocking things you didn’t know about William and Kate.

Popping the Question


Prince William’s proposal to Kate was not as smooth and spontaneous as one might think. In 2009, Kate started to get nervous and worried that her boyfriend would never get around to asking for her hand in marriage. Enter Kate’s meddling mother Carole. She took the handsome prince aside and made a few suggestions about William stepping on the gas pedal and giving Kate an engagement ring. Prince William must have set his marriage proposal dial to cruise control, Willian not slipping a ring on Kate’s finger until the fall of 2010. Way to go. Done like a true Gemini but not a homebody Cancer, depending on which zodiac sign you give to the Duke of Cambridge.