No one wants to have a chat about poor people, ‘cuz it’s just not a subject that creates positive vibes, but it’s a reality that millions of people in the UK will go to bed hungry every night, lacking the resources to feed themselves and their children. What are we doing about it, then? Do we care? Is it for the government to handle, or do we as right proud citizens of the UK have a duty to do our bit to lessen the problem? Here are some facts that may make you more willing to stand up and see what could be in the offing if poverty isn’t tackled by everyone.


The Rise of Food Banks



One of the alarming statistics that shows how poverty has become an intractable problem in the UK, is the increase in the number of food banks or food facilities that hand out free food to those who can’t afford to buy their own. Reports indicate that half a million people use food banks as one of their only sources of feeding their families, and that number is going to increase as the job crunch, lack of education and dim prospects doom those on the fringes to even greater hardship. The problem isn’t just that the ranks of those who need food on a daily basis is growing, it’s the fact that food banks are scrambling to meet the increased need by soliciting donations and pressing the government to do more to help.

The usual underlying causes of unemployment and lower incomes are among the culprits when it comes to a poor family’s inability to put food on the table. In addition, food prices have risen at a much faster rate than income levels, which has made the disparity even more stark.