It’s no secret that stunt doubles are an important part of any big Hollywood production. While many actors are willing to do their own stunts, not all actors can. Stunt doubles can make the impossible work on camera. From leaping out of buildings to racing cars down the high way, these men and women risk injury every day to make classic moments in your favorite films. Stunt workers also need to look fairly enough like the actor they’re working for. In some cases, producers and directors are lucky enough to find stunt doubles who look like an actors’ twin. Here are some pretty incredible photos of celebs with their stunt doubles:

Michael Douglas


When Michael Douglas starred in Marvel’s “Ant-Man”, his character would have to perform a lot of stunts. Luckily, his stunt double could easily pass for him. It actually took us a few second and triple looks to realize which one of them was actually Michael Douglas and who was the stunt double. Give his stunt double some credit. He could easily pull a Parent Trap if he ever wanted to crawl into Catherine Zeta Jones’ unknowing arms.