Celebrities are not like us. They are richer, more popular, more talented and usually more well-spoken than many of us in Gen Pop. But that doesn’t mean that every famous person should be handed an open mic to speak at an awards show or other public event. Sometimes, the best decision celebrities can make is to be thought of as a fools instead of opening their mouths and removing all doubt. Here are eight examples of awkward celeb speeches that deserve silence as a response.

1. Clint Eastwood – 2012 GOP Convention

Eastwood isn’t much of a talker; he prefers to let his movies do most of the communication for him, so maybe it shouldn’t have come as a surprise that he was a disaster when he gave a speech at the 2012 Republican National Convention. It’s worth listening to the entire 11-minute speech, because it’s full of strange goodness, bizarre tangents and a chair that stands in for Barack Obama…yeah just watch and glory in the mess. The Obama chair stunt begins at around the 3:25 mark.