April Fools’!


No one quite knows why April 1 is the day why people decide to ‘fool’ people with often elaborate pranks and jokes, but the date has stuck and unfortunately some truly stupid and bizarre things are done to justify the fact that you’re supposed to trick someone on this day. But sometimes, a prank goes too far and well…just take a look at these videos that demonstrate why April Fools’ should probably be outlawed.

1. ‘I Killed My Husband.’

This is visual evidence of why you should never try to pull off an April Fools prank that involves telling anyone, especially not a member of your family, that you killed someone. Everyone watches true crime shows, so their antenna are up when there’s any hint of wrongdoing. There’s an amateur detective in every family who will take seriously any mention of foul play. This Tennessee woman in the video below told her sister that she killed her husband. The woman’s sister called the police who knocked on the prankster’s door and inquired if she had indeed done the murderous deed. It just goes to show:  telling your sister that you just shot your husband and you’re burying him in a place called ‘Blackwater’ probably isn’t material fit for a joke.