We have laws for a reason, presumably so we don’t descend into a punk rock soundtracked anarchy. But some of our laws don’t seem like they’re there for a good reason. In fact, plenty of innocent things have been banned in various states in the US, sometimes for reasons no one today cares to explain. These 8 strange things are actually illegal in the US. Here’s what crazy laws are still on the book:

Kinder Eggs


Kinder eggs are a beloved childhood treat from Germany. While thousands of children all over the world have been enjoying them for decades, the candies have yet to make it over to the US. Why? Kinder eggs have toys inside them and apparently, officials believe that Kinder Surprise eggs are major choking hazards. But let’s be fair here. Freaking hotdogs are technically a choking hazard and we’re not exactly banning those from Fenway.