It’s not a stretch to say that selfies have become the most popular way for people to take pictures, whether it’s a single selfie or a group selfie. And there is definitely a place for a selfie here and there, but these navel-gazing pics take on an entirely different meaning when they occur seconds or minutes before the person in the selfie dies. Here are examples of selfies that were taken right before these people perished.

1. Bride-To-Be Takes A Selfie


The woman on the left was an engaged and was on her way to her own bachelorette party with her good friend.  The two were just having a good time when the bride-to-be snapped this selfie of them laughing and joking around. A few moments after the selfie was clicked, the two women were involved in a car accident. The bride-to-be was killed, just one month shy of her wedding. Apparently, the woman driving wanted to overtake a slow truck in front of her car. When she shifted into the opposite lane, she failed to notice a truck coming, which struck her vehicle. The driver of the car and the driver of the truck survived with minor injuries.