You don’t have to be a fan of “Star Trek” or troll sci-fi conventions as a Jedi to believe that there’s alien life out in the galaxy, and that intelligent forms of life have managed to breach our planet and are conducting infiltrate-and-doublecross operations designed to effect a takeover. Do you really reckon that aliens would be any less capable of living among us without our knowledge than bloody Russian spies who can speak the queen’s English better than most Britons? To prove the point, let’s have a look at some clear signs that point to the presence of ETs in our very midst.


1976 Sighting



On September 3, 1976, two women in a village named Fencehouses in Durham were out for an evening stroll when they chanced upon an odd-looking object in a field. They described the object as five feet in length and three feet high, built on runners. The women noticed immediately that all sound stopped as they approached the object, and that their watches stopped working. There were two odd creatures in the object, with white hair, big eyes and claws. The women dashed away in fear, and said the craft lifted and zoomed away into the sky. One of the women said that the next day, she was attempting to hoover her home, but could not plug the cord into the socket because some powerful force seemed intent on not allowing it.

On that same day that the women in the UK saw the spaceship and aliens, two other UFO sightings were reported, one in Ravenna, Italy and the other in Serra do Mouro, Brazil. In both, the object described was similar to the one in the UK, though the aliens appeared different. Multiple people who have encountered UFOs claim that all sound and noise stopped as they approached the spacecraft.