The Ashley Madison scandal rocked the world. When hackers broke into the infamous dating site, which offered users the ability to engage in extra-material affairs, and releases the names of thousands of users to the public, no one expected that these celebrities and famous names were involves. While perhaps deservingly, these are the 8 lives that were ruined by the Ashley Madison scandal and time can only tell if these figures can redeem themselves in the public eye:

Josh Duggar


This may be one of the biggest (and perhaps least surprising) names to come out as a result of the leaks. Josh Duggar, the oldest son of the infamous, multi-child Duggar clan and a father himself, had already been the subject of controversy when it became revealed that he had abused and molested his own sisters for years. As it turned out, he’d signed up for Ashley Madison and he’d used a fake name and a fake photo to try and secure affairs during his various travels as a Family Research Counsil lobbyist. As a result, his reputation was utterly destroyed and rumors are circulating that his wife plans on divorcing him.