We can already predict the comments. “That can’t be possible.” “Well, when I was pregnant, I just knew!” Granted, most women can usually tell whether they’re pregnant or not. The absence of a menstrual cycle and some serious weight gain is usually a clue. But in some cases, a woman might show no symptoms of pregnancy until she’s been pregnant for a while or- in these cases, not until they were going into labor. Discover these horror stories of women who didn’t know they were pregnant until they gave birth:

On a Plane


Think of what might be the worst place in the world to give birth. If you answered plane, you know exactly what happened to this poor woman. Ada Guan was on vacation to Japan from Canada when all of a sudden she started going into labor. The incredible thing is, she had no idea. A pregnancy test had come back negative and even her own doctor couldn’t detect the pregnancy. But the good thing is that there happened to be a doctor on board, who helped Guan and her boyfriend deliver successfully. The ultimate irony may be that the birth happened on Mother’s Day of all things.